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Last updated 6/8/2012

I did not receive resolution of my order on for nearly a year, and of that order, I received only part of what I paid for and was given a refund on the rest.

If you have a bad experience doing business with
or Robert Baptista III, please email me.


RESOLUTION! - 6/8/2012
(After 322 days, 20 hours, 27 minutes )

Ultramagnetic Tees FINALLY resolved my complaint, but it took almost a year!

I received a $20 payment from Robert Baptista III today as refund for the remainder of my order that was placed in July of 2011.

The ticker at the top of this site at one time showed how long I had been waiting for my order to be completed (I waited about 323 days). Now, the counter is counting down until I begin preparations for removal of this site from the internet.

As stated previously, I am keeping this site up for an amount of time that is equal to the amount of time I waited for my order to be completed. I'm not sure what will happen to this domain once the counter reaches zero and it is no longer necessary.

I do know that If I receive another report from a customer who does not receive what they are owed from Robert Baptista III/Wondahbap/, I will reset the clock and relaunch this site on their behalf, as it is strongly ranked on Google and provides an instant platform for a wronged customer to seek satisfaction.

I'm happy that the ordeal is over. I just hope no one else has to deal with the same thing.


CONTACT! - 6/5/2012
(Approximately 320 Days since my order)

Wondahbap emailed this site!

I received an email from Robert Baptista III recently. We are currently discussing the resolution of my issue, for the 3rd or 4th time.

If goes dark, this gripe site may be removed ahead of my original schedule.

Details forthcoming.


Surprise! No Response to BBB from Robert - 3/30/2012
(Approximately 252 Days, 16 Hours since my order)

So, I got a response from the BBB in Robert Baptista III's area today -

BBB has closed complaint #xxxxxxx as No Response from the Business.

Unfortunately UltraMagnetic Tees has decided not to respond to your complaint #xxxxxxx. BBB can't force the business to respond to this complaint and BBB has closed the complaint as No Response.

This complaint will be publicly reported on the business's BBB Business Review for 36 months. BBB has educational tips as well as a directory of government agencies that may be able to assist you further with your complaint.

Please visit to review this information.

Thank you.
Better Business Bureau

I can't say that I am surprised that Wondahbap didn't respond, but it's nice to know it's not just me that the thief ignores.


Another UNSATISFIED Customer - 3/27/2012
(Approximately 249 Days, 18 Hours since my order)

I came across another customer that Robert Baptista III screwed over on It was quite a similar story to mine, but Wondahbap didn't rip him off until the buyer tried to get a refund:

"Complaint: I ordered 4 tee shirts from this online company on June 1st, 2011. I only received 3 and they did not fit, so I contacted the seller and he (******) told me to return them. I did not want an exchange and asked for a refund, which he agreed to give me. I returned them and they were delivered to him on July 6th, 2011. (I have delivery confirmation from the USPS) After not receiving a refund through PayPal, I contacted this seller at least 5 times, and he never answered any of my correspondence. And I never got my money back!! There is no place on his website to leave feedback, and he is still selling his products. I have been very frustrated by the seller's failure to address my problem and not return my money. I implored him, in the interest of being a responsible business owner, to please give me the owed credit on the returned goods, but he has never even given me the courtesy of a reply, let alone my money back."

What this unfortunate person didn't know was that Robert Baptista III is not a responsible business owner. I can empathize with this person, as I fell into the same trap.

Read the full complaint, which Robert never responded to, at the bbb's website.


I Just Want This to be Over, but Robert Wants it to Continue - 3/20/2012
(Approximately 243 Days since my order)

A warm hello to all of my friends!

I am still waiting for Robert Baptista III to send me my socks. Most likely, I'll just be waiting it out till the end of the month, when I start the Twitter/Facebook campaign and start commenting on Silver Screen and Roll.


Patiently Waiting - 3/13/2012
(Approximately 235 Days, 22 Hours since my order)

Robert Baptista III and his Ultra Magnetic Tees site still haven't shipped me my socks! I'm wondering if Robert will ever complete my order, or if the counter at the top of the page will tick away in perpetuity as a reminder of his abject customer service failure.

I really do hope that this gets issue gets resolved. I'm not sure if I've properly communicated to Wondahbap the fact that I am willing to spend far more than the original cost of the order to publicize my ordeal. This isn't about money or about t-shirts -- this is about principles.

I'm going to start the New Media campaign at the beginning of next month. Luckily enough, @Wondahbap is fairly active on Twitter, and that gives me an instant (and personal) audience to connect with. I also may have to become a commenter on posts over at Silver Screen and Roll, which is tough, because I can't stand the damn Lakers.

This page is ranking just under Robert's Facebook when you search his name now. And I haven't even STARTED optimizing this site yet.


Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant - 3/3/2012

Curiously, as my site began to climb in search rankings on searches for "Robert Baptista III" and "Ultramagnetic Tees" part of my order was filled -- a mere 226 days after I placed it! I guess I should be thankful... but Wondahbap couldn't even be bothered to fill my entire order. Still, it was nice to get a package after all this time.

Here's a breakdown:

Robert Baptista III can't even be honest when he's publicly shamed into it. I'm still missing my socks, but part of my order did ship.

So, it looks like there is a possibility of this being resolved, and that has prompted me to decide on how this site will end. I have decided that this site stays up for an amount of time equal to the amount of time I have been waiting. For instance, if Robert Baptista III had shipped my complete order March 1st, this site would have been up until around 3:00pm on Monday, October 15th, 2012 (225 Days, 23 Hours, 57 Minutes, 49 Seconds from the time I received the delivery). I will, however, update it to say that my issue has been resolved.

I now await completion of the order, and the clock at the top of the page will keep ticking away all the while.

And as far as I am concerned, my complete order includes the extra items Wondahbap promised me via email for making me wait so long.

A Note to Robert: I told you Robert, I do not appreciate being stolen from, and I will regard you as a thief until I am given what I am owed. You had no intention of fulfilling my order until you were publicly shamed into it. You've started the process, now finish it.


My Dealings With the Thief Robert Baptista III - 2/27/2012

Hello, my name is Brandon, and this is my story of being ripped off online. Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything, I'm just trying to warn you about a crook.

In July of 2011, I purchased just under $50 worth of merchandise from Having not received my items after a month of waiting, I attempted to get in touch with the proprietor of Ultra Magnetic Tees. Some cursory online searching led me to a man who calls himself Wondahbap, whose real name is Robert Baptista III.

A barrage of phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages to Robert Baptista III went unanswered.

In the midst of my attempts at contact, was taken offline, presumably by Wondahbap himself, Robert Baptista III. I managed to uncover one of Mr. Baptista's old phone numbers while conducting searches online. When I called, I spoke to an older female who told me Mr. Baptista didn't live there anymore. When I informed her of the situation, she assured me that Mr. Baptista would be in touch and would resolve the issue. Within a few hours, I received an apologetic email from Robert Baptista III, who told me he would ship my items shortly.

Time passed, no items arrived, and no refund was issued. We exchanged further emails. I was again assured that my order was soon to be shipped.

Months passed. I went on vacation for Christmas. I returned home. No delivery from UltraMagnetic Tees. I did not contact Wondahbap again until I happened to notice that he brought back online. In early February of 2012, I emailed him my original invoice number and informed him that I would be taking further action if he did not fill the order. Robert Baptista III assured me via email that UltraMagnetic Tees was "starting back up" and my order would be filled the next day. He also offered me a few extra items to make up for the inconvenience. I would have been satisfied if he had followed through.

After another few weeks with no communication from Mr. Baptista, I resolved to take the further action I warned him about. It was at this time that I began the preparations for this site, began listing Ultramagnetic Tees on several scam directories, and filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Please, use caution when doing business with Robert Baptista III. Whether Wondahbap is purposefully engaged in criminal activity or is merely an incompetent businessman is a matter of speculation, as only Robert himself knows for certain.

I'll be patronizing neither his businesses nor Silver Screen and Roll, a sports blog that employs Robert Baptista III as a writer. I encourage others to avoid these places as well.

Questions, comments, or your own UltraMagnetic Tees or Robert Baptista III fraud complaints may be directed to:

TL;DR - Robert Baptista III never filled the order I placed at his store, However, he did keep my money. I urge you NEVER to do business with him, for your own good.


Robert Baptista III is an editor/writer for, and runs BapMega LLC, Ohkeedoke Smoke Shop, and This page is a personal account of the author's business dealings with Mr. Baptista. The author was constantly ignored for almost a year by Robert Baptista III after placing an order on his site. For a period of time, the author regarded Mr. Baptista as a thief. As of June of 2012, Mr. Baptista fulfilled his obligations to the author. While the author no longer considers Mr. Baptista a thief, the author still does not recommend that anyone conduct business with Ultramagnetic Tees.

This site gives a personal account of what appeared to be fraud committed by Mr. Baptista upon the webmaster of this site. The issue has since been resolved. Additional allegations of fraud may be posted if submitted to webmaster by other victims. All information on this site is either property of the webmaster, was obtained from public sources, or was posted with permission. You may notice that this site does not link directly to This is by design, as the webmaster of this site refuses to lend search engine credibility to ultramagnetic tees by linking to it.

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